Glassworks are pleased to bring you our new range of miniatures, available exclusively in flint.

Suitable for a wide variety of purposes, our miniatures range offer huge potential. From tasting samples to delicate packaging, the miniatures are available in a range of sizes, shapes and weights to compliment your product.

Find out how miniatures can offer your customers something unique and personal, opening new revenue streams for your business.

33ml Portion Jar

Product Number  3.75
Approx Weight  50g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  17550
Available in    Flint

42ml Portion Jar

Product Number  3.76
Approx Weight  53g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  16346
Available in    Flint

50ml Gamma

Product Number  1.208
Approx Weight  70g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  12529
Available in    Flint

50ml Plomari

Product Number  1.216
Approx Weight  70g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  11220
Available in    Flint

50ml Val Glass

Product Number  1.116
Approx Weight 70g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  11616
Available in    Flint

50ml Parfum

Product Number  2.23
Approx Weight  71g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  11895
Available in    Flint

50ml Epom

Product Number  1.132
Approx Weight 75g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  10560
Available in    Flint

80ml Karino

Product Number  7430
Approx Weight 120g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  7430
Available in    Flint

100ml Martel

Product Number  1.121
Approx Weight 110g
Approx Pieces Per Pallet  7293
Available in    Flint

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